Event Recap

Stand Up 4 Water Awareness was a complete success! I created this event to show kids the fun possibilities of stand up paddle boarding and combine it with an educational afternoon of water quality testing. On Monday July 22nd, 2013, it was blowing 35knots. Luckily for us we were in the pretested half-moon bay of the Hood River Water Front Park. All kids participated in mini down winders from the upwind side of the mini bay to the downwind shore. The Big Winds Junior Elite Team instructors would push the boards back up wind and the kids would paddle down again. We had races, headstand contests, and piled as many people as possible on a board at a time. All the kids loved paddling! During Lunch we ate pizza from Andrews Pizza and watermelon. Afterwards we took a tour of the Hood River Waste Treatment Plant. Once the tour was over, we returned to the Water Front Park where Veolia Water set up water samples from the Hook, the Boat Basin, the Columbia and the Hood River. The 37 kids were divided into four groups and each group tested water from one of the sample sites. We ended the day by giving each kids a personal test kit that they can take home to perform their own water quality tests, a Veolia water bottle, and flyers about the water cycles. Every kid received a Stand Up 4 Water Awareness event t-shirt as well. All in all it was an extremely fun, successful day and you can expect to see many more similar events in the future!

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Hi, Welcome to Stand Up 4 Water Awareness!

Fiona originally thought of the idea Stand Up 4 Water Awareness while traveling around to competitions. She has been fortunate enough to travel around the United States and parts of Mexico for Stand Up Paddlboard, Windsurf, and Kitesurf competitions. For fun, at every contest site she performs a water quality test to see what the health of the water is that she is competing in. Her initial interest in water quality has spiraled and she is now wanting to get other kids involved in promoting clean water around our globe, hence Stand Up 4 Water Awareness! A fun day of paddling and water quality testing!

Fiona has designed this day so kids, ages 8-18, have fun on and off the water. She appreciates your support and looks forward to seeing you on July 22nd, 2013 at the Hood River Water Front Park! 

The Day

9:30am: On Site Check in. Receive your Event T-shirt.

10:00am: We will begin with a meet and greet.

10:25am: An on-land Stand Up Paddle Board instructional will be given to the kids taught by Fiona and the Big Winds Junior Team.

10:50am: Let’s get paddling! We will head to the water and every kid will get a turn to practice the stroke they just learned and have fun paddling around. There will be one board per two kids, so each kid will get a solid amount of time on the board. Once everybody has had a turn paddling, we will host a friendly little competition consisting of short relay races inside the half-moon-bay of the Water Front Park.

12:30pm: Lunch Time! Lunch is included in the entrance fee for the participants.

1:15pm: A tour of the Hood River Waste Treatment plant located across from the Hood River Waterfront park. The idea of this is so the kids see how water is treated and safely disposed of, and reused.

2:30pm: The Water Quality portion of the day will begin. A brief orientation will be provided by a local water quality specialist about clean water and water safety. The kids will be divided into seven groups. One group will be testing for Bio Chemical Demand, another for Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate, Phosphate, Turbidity, Coliform or Temperature.

3:00pm: Once the groups have collected their data, we will all compare the data from previous tests performed at the Water Front park in prior months. The Water quality specialist will talk about how we can individually help to keep our river cleaner and answer any questions that are present.

3:30pm: Closing, Group Picture

**Pleas have your child bring an extra set of dry clothes, sunscreen, and a water bottle.



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Meet Fiona



Hi, I’m Fiona Wylde!

I am 16 years old and I live in Hood River. I have been fortunate enough to spend most of the last year traveling, competing, and training for Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle boarding and Kiteboarding. My family and I spend the winter months in a little town called Los Barriles on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. I attended the local Mexican school for eleven years where I learned spanish, learned their culture, and made amazing friends.

This past year I began an online education so I could pursue my passion for water sports. I competed on the American Windsurfing Tour, a wave sailing competition circuit that is based across the U.S. and Mexico. I was fortunate enough to attend five out of the six events at, Santa Cruz CA, Pistol River OR, San Carlos Mexico, Hatteras NC, and Maui Hawaii. After all was said and done, I was second in the Women’s division, and second in the Youth devision for the season. I also competed in the Gorge Cup Race series which held five races periodically throughout the summer at the Hood River Event Site. I finished the end of the season in third place behind overall winner Bruce Peterson, and my dad, MacRae Wylde.

Not only was I competing in windsurf races and wave contests, I was also Stand Up Paddle board racing. My best results came from the 2012 Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge where I placed fourth in the women’s elite downwind race, and the Newport Open Ocean Classic in Newport Oregon where I won the distance race and placed second in the flat water race. I also competed in many local fun races where I placed in the top two.

This past winter I spent my time working on school work and training for both windsurfing and stand up paddling in Baja. After winning the SUP races and placing third in the sup surf contest in the Sayulita SUP Classic on Mainland Mexico, I headed over to Maui Hawaii to improve my surf skills. That was an amazing trip that I have just returned from in time to kick off this 2013 summer season. I will be competing on the American Windsurfing Tour, the Gorge Cup, and SUP races on the West Coast. I will also be working at Big Winds, a local windsurf/kite/sup shop teaching windsurf and stand up paddle boarding lessons.

I am really looking forward to Stand Up 4 Water Awareness. I have been extremely interested in water quality and learning about the health of our rivers, lakes, and ocean and want more kids to get involved with keeping our bodies of water clean. Having safe water at our disposal to recreate in makes our sports, like stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing much more enjoyable. My hope it to share my passion for clean water and show kids how little things make a big difference. Stand Up 4 Water Awareness is an event to help promote the fun possibilities of stand up paddle boarding for kids and teach them some techniques of how to keep garbage and unsafe waste out of our rivers.